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We do things differently

  • Do you own property or land with the potential to redevelop?
  • Would you Like to redevelop the land yourself with our help rather than sell to a Property Developer?
  • Would you like to sell the land for a highly attractive cash price?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we can help.


There is a housing crisis in the UK with demand for homes continuing to significantly outstrip supply. Extra Homes is a Partnership driven Development Company that has been established to help meet that need. We work with homeowners to develop their underutilised land.

Once we have identified a suitable site, we can either:

  • Partner with the homeowner to share any gains from the development (Resulting in a larger windfall for the homeowner).
  • Offer the homeowner a cash price for their land (subject to obtaining planning permission).


Be proud that the new property at the end of your garden was down to you!

The choice is entirely that of the homeowner!

We will fund all planning and related costs so that the financial risk is completely born by us.  If planning permission is granted, we will fund the build cost, project manage the build and work with an Estate Agent to sell the new built property.

Our team of experts count British Land and U+I plc as clients and have a track record of getting planning permission in difficult situations. We team with exceptional builders, architects and funders and we understand and oversee the planning process from beginning to end.

Do you have extra Garden space that you don’t use?

Does your land back onto a public road?

Extra Space to the side of your building?


Get in touch for more information and learn about the services provided by Extra Homes to determine whether we’re the right people for you.

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When politicians and councils talk about providing the country with Extra Homes, think of us!