This depends on the arrangement; you may have asked for payment when planning permission is obtained in which case payment can be in as little as twelve weeks. For those homeowners who are partnering with us on the development, payment is when the property is sold – likely to be within six to twelve months. 

Typically we look for spacious gardens and land that are within close proximity of a public road. If you are in any doubt, the best thing to do is contact us with your address and we can almost immediately tell you whether it is a potential development site.

Surprisingly not at all in most cases! From heavily overgrown and unused plots of land to junkyards or land with broken down outbuildings we can put together development plans that can result in a windfall gain for the homeowner, so do not let state of the land deter you from getting in touch.

It is possible, although unlikely. You will need the right builders, project managers, architects, funding, buyers and professional knowledge of the planning process; what will work and what will simply waste you considerable time and money. In contrast we take all the financial risk and ensure the right experts are used.

No, we are interested in any potential development land wherever it is situated.

They will be in keeping with other houses in the area, planning authorities ensure this. They would not allow us to build a high rise block of flats on your land, even if we wanted to! Our contract with you also stipulates the type of dwelling that will be built.

Absolutely, a garden is a necessity for most homeowners. We look to ensure that both the existing home and the extra homes have attractive sized gardens, whilst keeping the utmost privacy.

We tend to be cautious not to block sunlight from any houses, by acquiring bigger gardens or building smaller homes, so as not to overshadow neighbouring property.

Nothing happens, we’ve lost our money and you keep your land, but you are still more than welcome to recommend us to friends and family.

It really is! Sit back and let us do the hard work.

To receive an immediate quote if your land backs onto any public road or you believe your land has development potential.