Referrals Scheme

Become a Referral / Land Finding Partner

Should you know of or come across a piece of land or building with development potential, we would be very interested in running the opportunity through our detailed appraisal process. Once proven to demonstrate genuine scope for development, we will offer an excellent land finding referrals package or a site to site cash incentive. We are are focused on but not limited to areas of south London. Please get in touch with us during office hours on 0800 085 0004 or e-mail us through our contact page


We accept family and friends as referrals too

Above is an example of a suitable garden plot, we then check access points to identify its potential. Here you can see there is plenty of room for a second house and a garden for each home.

As mentioned in our FAQS, the ground does not have to be clear or in perfect condition as is shown above, although it is preferred.

If you are in any doubt as to whether the garden is large enough we will be happy to run it through our free appraisal process.